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Use our customizable software today!
    Online Charting - Document a Complex Level 5 Encounter in under 2 minutes!
    Instantly digitize any paper records. ELIMINATE FILING!!
    Gain online access to all your patient data
    Continue practicing your way
    Streamline your work flow with our guaranteed overnight processing
    Eliminate unnecessary administrative work - reduce your overhead

Key Features Available Now
Online Charting

Automatically creates a Knowledge database. NEVER type anything more than once. Instantly find previously entered text, or retrieve an entire chart from the most similar previous encounter to document a new one. Completely customizable for each provider in your group.

Document Management
Trivially easy to use

No more paper charts! No more filing! Free up valuable space. Digitize and catalog all your paper patient records in seconds. Laborious filing days are over!

Instant and online access

Charts and other digitized documents can be viewed instantly from anywhere ? on any computer within any of your offices, or securely from any computer with access to the internet

Patient Registration module

gives you the option to capture patient demographics, or scan them for overnight entry by our trained staff

Patient Scheduler

a feature packed, multi-provider, multi-facility scheduler, integrated with our Practice management system and EMR, so you can see patient balances, billing/payment records and Medical Records, instantly

Patient Check-In module

gives you the choice of updating patient demographics online or scanning them for overnight updating by our trained staff. Print patient bills, receipts and ledgers for payments made by patients

Patient Check-Out module

completes the patient encounter and allows for quick re-scheduling and entering of Tickler notes

Billing screens

customizable to look like your current encounter forms, and because payer, specialty and practice specific rules are embedded in them, you get the right information at the right time to make accurate billing, CPT and ICD9 coding decisions

Patient Flow Tracking

the Billing module, in conjunction with the Patient Check-In/Check-Out modules keeps tracks of your patient flow, making it impossible to 'lose' a patient for billing purposes, in a busy practice


Remote Access, Multiple location support - Connectivity between practice sites, Multi-user, Seamless integration with Billing and Claim Scrubbing modules, Web based reporting


FREE! Available now for download free of charge to all our clients. Use your existing computers.** No expensive servers to buy, no software licensing fees. Just pay a small per encounter usage fee.

You've heard it, probably even experienced it - EMRs are expensive and potentially disruptive to your office workflow, and there's no guarantee if it'll work for your practice. Yet without an EMR, you risk too much, clinically and financially.

ClaimPower provides a uniquely different approach to EMRs. We offer you a gradual method of adopting an EMR. Ours is, and will continue to remain, a wholly integrated solution to managing and getting paid for the care you provide. We offer the ideal combination of proprietary software with Payer, Specialty and Practice specific intelligence - and result-oriented services to ensure that your practice is operating at its peak.

Our software and services allow you to keep the focus on your primary objective - caring for your patients. With us, you maximize your payments for the care you provide and minimize your costs, by:
Outsourcing non-value added tasks to us
Eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary administrative work
Substantially increasing processing speed

All our software is offered free of charge to our clients,and you do not need to buy any expensive servers or hardware. We can also offer you individualized programming to customize a solution to your specific practice needs.
See the Difference!
Traditional EMR The ClaimPower Difference

Free! No upfront software license fee or server hardware investment. Integrated with billing so no added expense to support multiple 'partner' interfaces

Requires Process Change

Designed to work with your existing work flow. You continue to work your way. Allows for outsourcing of billing functions to the extent you choose

Necessary to use a computer during a patient encounter

Accommodates both paper and electronic input. Supports your work style

Creation of more work

Allows you to offload non-value-added work to us. Eliminates the need to input and update critical billing rules


Customized to your practice. Ability to program rules specific to your practice.

Steep learning curve

Extremely simple to use. You choose how much you want to do yourself and how much you want to outsource. Adopt new modules at your pace as they are released

This combination of our proprietary, state-of-the-art software plus our dedicated and fully trained staff and our low and lower cost plans makes ClaimPower your only Prescription for Medical Billing and Practice Management!

If you prefer, we also offer integration with any other 3rd party EMR that allows the export of its billing records.

** Your computer must be running either XP Professional or Vista Business or better. We do not support the 'home' versions of these operating systems. Minimum memory (RAM) should be 1GB, and minimum hard disk space available should be 200GB.



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